An 8mm film commissioned by Echo Park Film Center for its 20th Anniversary in December 2021. Insomnia or sleepwalking, observations of a city at night.

Again I awoke as the sun was setting
Went wandering –
At dawn, the sky still obscure

finer frequencies

A short sound/image study of the Mount Wilson radio array in the Angeles National Forest. The sound is from a portable radio I modified. Screened at the Los Angeles State Historic Park in 2018.


A silent visual poem; recovered text fragments. Screened at the Film & Video Poetry Society, NYC, 2019.


A sound composition using drone layers, field recordings of places in Los Angeles, and fragments from Situationist texts. This accompanied a map-based installation by Roundhouse Platform at Texas Tech University College of Architecture in Nov. 2019.

Los Angeles Is Endless Like A Scroll

A sound composition for a collaborative visual media performance with Spatial Awareness Network and Roundhouse Platform. Performed at WUHO Gallery in July 2019.