about me

I am an independent filmmaker/artist based in Los Angeles. I study landscapes and sensory perception, unwriteable histories, fragments of vision, dreaming and collective memory, invisibility, the experience of darkness, and wandering. I’m also the co-founder/co-organizer of virtual care lab. 

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some projects 

Digital And/As Public Space / vcl residency @ The Bentway w/ From Later, May 2021
ARBOL (A Remote Body On Land) – Sensory mapping workshop, 2020, for Roundhouse Platform / AGGHAB
Exploring Sleep and Dreams As a Collective Resource – ASSEMBLIES Project, 2020, NAVEL  
Watermarks – film, 14”, 2018 (all screenings)
Southlandsound – Sound performance, 30”, 2019, for Roundhouse Platform, Texas Tech
Pedestrians (Los Angeles Is Endless) – Sound performance, 30”, 2019, for Roundhouse Platform, WUHO Gallery
body out of time – Group video & sound performance, 2019, Pieter Performance Space
finer frequencies – film, 3”, 2017
violently, I – film, 3”, 2016 


MFA – California Institute of the Arts
BA – College of William & Mary


Programming Manager, Zócalo Public Square, 2019-current
Film programmer (Experimental), Slamdance 2021
CalArts Postgrad Teaching Fellowship, 2018-2019 (courses: Sound, Beyond the Eye; Composing the Sonic World)
Flaherty Film Seminar Fellow 2018