Watermarks is an expressive study of Richmond, Virginia, where post- Civil War monuments obscure the buried traumas of enslavement along the James River. Through analog film processes and unconventional sound design, the river becomes a line to trace a history that remains invisible beneath an illusory surface. Seemingly stable landscapes unfold to unearth a buried world, observing a land polluted by histories of violence and questioning how the past has been recorded or suppressed.

14 minutes, 2018 (excerpt above)

Screenings (2019-20)

Los Angeles Filmforum at MOCA
Slamdance Film Festival
Fracto Experimental Film Encounter
Iowa City Intl. Documentary Festival (ICDOCS)
Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival
Chicago Underground Film Festival
Feminist Border Arts Film Festival
Treefort Music Festival
NOFLASH Video Show
CalArts Directing Showcase, REDCAT