virtual care lab

virtual care lab is a series of creative experiments in remote connection, co-founded by myself and Alice Yuan Zhang in 2020, and now collectively organized with a shifting group of contributors. VCL seeks to create innovative openings for joy, empathy, creativity and invention, and explore issues in digital commoning, mutuality and collective care. Since spring 2020, we have created over 40 workshops, performances, and collective research groups including virtual soundwalks, experimental poetry labs, writing a “collective terms of service”, and various magical online portals. We also have a very welcoming Discord space. The project currently operates in partnership with NAVEL, a non-profit cultural organization and community space in Los Angeles.

A few significant projects & highlights: 
Collective Rest Portal (website & performance at U of T’s 4S Conference) 
Terms That Serve Us (public research for The Bentway Conservancy) 
José Miguel Portal 
Care as Practice initiative 

VCL in Contemporary Art Review Los Angeles 
VCL in Artillery Magazine